Power of Your Word
Instructor: Rev. Frances Lorenz
Prerequisite: Foundations or permission of Instructor
Tuesdays begins October 21-December 9
6:00-8:30 PM
Tuition: $200 (installment payments are available)

Power of Your Word class is an 8-week course that explores the underlying factors for effective prayer, the healing technique of treatment for self and others.  On the personal level, you will learn how to identify any personal limiting beliefs and describe situations in which you interrupt your prayers.

Power of Your Word explores what it means to pray continuously and aids in designing and/or deepening a spiritual practice that will continue to feed your spiritual life. Come discover the Power of Your Word.

Required texts: (by Ernest Holmes)
1) Can We Talk to God?
2) Words That Heal Today

Tuition is $200
To register please contact Frances Lorenz at franceslorenz@gmail.com