Pledges & Tithes



Giving of our time, talents, heart and wealth.


What is a pledge program?

A Pledge Program simplifies how your donations to the church are given and tracked. You start by making a pledge to donate an amount you declare for the next fiscal year. You also specify when you will donate (weekly, monthly, quarterly.) You can donate by automated payments from your bank, by check or by cash donations in envelopes that are identified with your name written on it. The Board uses Pledges to plan its annual budget.


Where does the donated money go?

Pledge donations go into what is called “the general fund”. This money is used to pay all ongoing, routine expenses necessary to maintain the church and property such as telephones, utilities, Children’s Church materials, salaries, yard maintenance and insurance.


How does it work?

  1. Congregants/friends fill out a Pledge card and make a commitment to donate a declared amount over the course of the year. The cards are on the table as you enter the foyer.
  2. When you donate, you can use an automatic check writing service from your bank, or you can use your Visa and Master Card for automatic or periodic donations toward your pledge, or envelopes found in the back of the chairs on which you write your name and donation.


Do all my donations count toward my pledge?

If you make a Pledge, then all donations will be credited toward your annual pledge. However, if you wish to write a check to CSL for another purpose such as the “Building” then you may designate a check for that purpose. Dinners and costs for classes and workshops are not credited toward your pledge


Privacy: What I donate is personal. What about my privacy?

When you make a Pledge, the information is kept confidential within the church records system. Only the Treasurer, minister and church office administrator have access to that information. Our policy is to restrict access and respect each donor’s privacy. The end of year financial statements that you receive are individually direct mailed straight to you. As an added measure of privacy, you can request that your name be withheld as anonymous on any public listing of pledge donor names.


I don’t want to give a set amount. Can’t I make a simple donation as I go?

You can make donations any time or way you like. The church needs your support and appreciates every contribution. We are all trustees of our church and obligated to support it as it supports us.