Here is your preview for January 4 Youth Program, lesson plan:

We will be continuing our segment on Infinite Divine Love, in preparation for the Sunday, Jan. 11th Children’s Blessing Ceremony.

The focus is, “Experiencing The Divine Love That Is You!”. Through visualization and meditation, we explore the sensation of the deepest, most authentic form of love. That love that is Source moving through each of us, both individually and with each other.

The Tweens/Teens will further discuss and begin outlining ways to bring this Love into action with service for others in everyday life and a future plan of volunteering, that inspires each individual youth.

We will be continuing to craft our special gifts for the following Sunday and are working on a very special presentation to the congregation during the Children’s Blessing.

From all of us at CSL, we thank you for blessing us with your children and look forward to seeing everybody tomorrow!