January 11, 2015 | A Grand Experiment

E-Squared by Pam Grout

E-Squared by Pam Grout

Combining our fundamental belief in the workings of the Law of God with the modern work of author Pam Grout in her book E Squared, we will bring a fresh look to, as well as experiment with, the way God’s Law works in our lives.

Guest musician: CAMILLE BLOOM

Camille Bloom | Seattle Musician | Gibson Endorsed

Camille Bloom | Seattle Musician

We have Camille Bloom performing at this Sunday (Jan 11) service. Seattle-based, Gibson endorsed musician Camille Bloom has performed at premiere venues in eight different countries including Canada, the U.S., Germany,  Netherlands, England,  Denmark, Belgium and Ireland.  Combining percussive guitar and a voice that can “purr and wail” (Victory Review), “Camille’s music can make even the rain dance.” (Mike Galaxy – Indy Hits promotion).  The powerhouse singer/songwriter  has been said to sound  “like Ani Difranco dipped in maple syrup”. (Spokane Inlander).

In addition to touring full time with club dates and festival appearances, Camille takes time out of her schedule to direct a Rock N Roll camp for kids in Seattle – and she also makes regular stops at youth centers – performing and talking to kids about using positive outlets such as music to cope with life’s struggles.
Camille has gained an avid and adoring fan base with her high energy and intensely personal show.  She loves touring at home and abroad and has booked herself on numerous European tours.