Prayer is an act of communion with God. The power of prayer has been recognized as an effective tool to overcome adversity, illness, negative conditions and a sense of separation from our Higher Power. Religious Science honors all forms of sincere prayer. It also teaches a scientific form or prayer called Spiritual Mind Treatment, as developed by our founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes.

Spiritual Mind Treatment is a powerful tool in our use of thought to co-create the changes we desire in our lives, and to assist others in achieving their desired changes.

Spiritual Mind Treatment is both Affirmative and Scientific. It is not supplication or petition, but recognition and acceptance that God is all there is, that there is no spot where God is not, that we are all Spiritual Beings, here and now, and that all the abundance of the Universe is already ours if we accept and embody it. It is based on our knowledge that the Universe is a Wholeness in which God as Presence works continuously as Principle to manifest as form or effect. Treatment starts with a Statement of Purpose, and then proceeds through a five-step process through which we Recognize the characteristics of Spirit that we wish to embody, Unify ourselves with the Divine Spirit, Realize that as Children of God, we naturally and inherently embody those characteristics right here and right now, give Thanks and Release our word, knowing that our prayer is answered before it is uttered.

Treatment Is
Consciously clearing away the grime of false beliefs from a condition to reveal the Truth that was always there.

Treatment Is Not
Attempting to “reach” God. God is already here, always, within and around every human being.

Treatment Is
Allowing God’s Power to flow through us into manifestation of the Truth, without hindrance.

Treatment Is Not
Attempting to exert spiritual control of the material universe, as though they were separate entities.

Treatment Is
Realizing that since a human being is the Substance of Life, there is a perfect Spiritual Idea within every individual, no matter what they are experiencing, and this Truth can be realized and declared.

Treatment Is Not
Disallowing other forms of healing, such as medicine, surgery, psychiatry, diet, etc, or denying that a person is sick.

How it works

Science of Mind Practitioners are trained in how to effectively use
Treatment, but our faith is grounded in the idea that this is something that anyone and everyone can do. Try it for yourself and experience the results.

  • Statement of Purpose
    Treatment begins with a clear vision of that which we wish to co-create in our life. It might be health or abundance, prosperity or right relationships, clarity or serenity, forgiveness, intelligence or love. Whatever it is, we must have a clear, affirmative vision of how our lives would look if we obtained these goals.
    Still your mind. Quiet your thoughts. State the condition you wish to change. Then, state the changed condition that you expect to experience as a result of your treatment. This is your Statement of Purpose
  • Recognition
    We begin treatment with the Recognition that God is ALL there is, that there is no place where God is not.
    Name as many attributes of God that you can think of. Now, begin accepting those traits into your life.
  • Unification
    Unification is the process of aligning ourselves with Divine Spirit. Since God is all there is, there can be nothing outside of God, including us.
    Recognizing all of the things that God is, bring your consciousness to the idea that everything that God is, you are as well. As a Child of God, created by God, of God, from God – you are EVERYTHING that God is.
  • Realization
    Realization is the knowing that whatever qualities or attributes of God we wish to embrace are ours now. If we wish to be abundant or prosperous, we acknowledge the presence of abundance and prosperity in our lives now. If we wish to achieve health and serenity, we acknowledge health and serenity in our lives now.
    Declare for yourself that which you want in your life, knowing that it is already here, now. You are not asking God for anything. You are activating the Law with your Affirmative Declaration.
  • Thanksgiving
    Thanksgiving is an expression of gratitude for what has already been done. This stage is an outpouring of our attitude of gratitude for life and all it holds.
    Thank Spirit for the Truth of your Good, declaring that it is already done.
  • Release
    In the final stage of treatment, we let go and let God. We turn over our declaration of Truth to Infinite Spirit and allow the Good to manifest in our lives without resistance.
    Release your word into Divine Law. Let God do the work.
    Know that all is well and relax into the serenity of Perfect Truth.